Take Action on CX Feedback with Real-Time Alerts


As businesses deepen customer focus, many have rolled out VoC programs to capture customer insight. While collecting feedback is a great start, the real value lies in taking action on it. Focusing on VoC can help you understand the link between customer emotions and CX.


Make the Most of Your CX Feedback




Unlock the Power of Positive CX Feedback



Did you know that most CX feedback about customer-facing employees is positive? Over half of customers feel frontline team members do a good job. When companies only analyze negative feedback, they are overlooking a chance to recognize employees who go above and beyond.

Use Positive Feedback to Improve CX


Emotion and Customer Experience: Connecting Feeling with Your Bottom Line 

Customer Think


Customer experience has become the top priority for companies that recognize the limitations of a transaction-focused strategy. Many companies, however, are falling short in grasping what customers truly value.

Connect with Customers to Achieve Bottom-Line Results

How to Measure Emotion in Customer Experience



While it’s easy to measure and score customer satisfaction and effort, quantifying emotions is a whole different beast. How do you measure the feelings that arise during the customer experience?


4 Ways to Measure Emotion in Customer Experience

Author: Connie Harrington

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