Real-time alerts

to spot unhappy customers


Decrease in Customer Alerts over 8 Months


Employee Compliance with Closed Loop Alerting Process


Decrease in Customers Reporting an Issue after Initial Interaction

The Challenge

Today’s customers are quick to take to social networks after a subpar encounter with a company. One harsh comment can trigger a firestorm of negative sentiment about your brand. To avoid an online crisis and retain customers, you need to identify, address, and resolve customer concerns—in real-time.

Our Solution

With eTouchPoint’s “Action Alerts” software, you receive real-time alerts every time a customer leaves a negative survey response. You can take immediate action to address customer complaints and close out resolved issues. Prevent viral spread of negative perceptions online and protect your brand reputation.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Unmask systemic service issues

    • Understand persistent service issues at every level:  individuals, teams, locations and more
    • Devise practices for customer follow-ups
    • Hold front-line employees accountable for delivering exceptional service – and know when they don’t

Prevent Viral Spread of Negative Sentiment

Limit a damaging social media crisis

    • Reach out to unhappy customers right away – before they register any dissatisfaction online
    • Safeguard your brand against social media crisis
    • Stop at-risk customers from churning and motivating others to follow suit

Transform Customer Sentiment

Turn your detractors into loyalists

    • Resolve complaints effectively to win back customers on the brink of churn
    • Show customers you listen and value their feedback
    • Inspire customers to become passionate brand advocates

Adopt Proven Tactics

Apply closed-loop alerting best practices

    • Learn from the industry’s most experienced CX experts
    • Use practices from Fortune 500 leaders
    • Establish top-caliber customer complaint resolution tactics

Fortune 100 cuts customer dissatisfaction by 30% in < 1 year

Data. Insights. Action. Results.

After implementing the eTouchPoint CX program and collecting quantitative and VoC feedback, a Fortune 100 giant learned that sub-par service plagued one region with 2,000+ service employees. The household-name brand embarked on a 12 month initiative to make every employee and manager accountable for achieving customer service standards. With bi-weekly meetings to review results and insights gleaned from the eTouchPoint program, the region uncovered root causes of customer unhappiness and took prompt corrective action. Within one year the region cut customer dissatisfaction by 30%.

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