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Improvement in Field Service Process Metric over 6 Months


Increase in Customers Describing Experience as “Outstanding”


Increase in “Recommend” score over 12 months

The Challenge

Companies recognize that optimizing the customer experience is pivotal to the success of their brand and customer loyalty.  Yet the art of monitoring the customer experience has become increasingly complex. From vast amounts of survey and customer data to the technical integration, people and processes that make it all work, companies need a sophisticated software platform as the centerpiece.

Our Solution

Our clients rely on the eTouchPoint platform to provide powerful insights that help monitor and perfect the customer experience. By linking dashboard and employee-specific reporting, text analytics, and closed loop alerting features with the industry’s best data collection platform, eTouchPoint offers CX professionals a comprehensive platform for connecting with customers, engaging employees, and managing the complex CX ecosystem.

Analyze CX results across any channel, any level, any role

From the CEO to frontline employees, eTouchPoint highlights the most pressing themes and sentiments

    • Dashboards that summarize performance throughout every level of the organization
    • Key driver and trend analytics that highlight customer sentiments and company performance
    • Unlimited support for multi-channel survey initiatives, including call center, field services, retail, B2B, employee and online channels
    • Full integration with back-office systems and data warehouse platforms

Text analytics

Industry-unique approach that transforms any comment into actionable data

Capturing unstructured and open-ended feedback is easy, converting it into meaningful insights is not. eTouchPoint’s novel approach to text analytics provides highly accurate, meaningful text analytics by:

    • Integrating human and automated approaches to accurately identify customer sentiments and themes
    • Capturing and analyzing feedback via IVR, email/web, SMS, and kiosk surveys
    • Tagging negative comments as actionable alerts for customer follow-up

Real-time alerting and workflow software

Empower employees to resolve customer issues

    • Alerting managers in real-time when an employee receives a negative alert
    • Reacting proactively to issues rather than reactively avoids the dreaded churn
    • Highlighting negative survey AND verbatim alerts for follow-up
    • Providing workflow features to enable and track follow-up activities and outcomes
    • Reporting to monitor closed loop alerting activities for compliance

Unlock positive customer feedback

Engage, recognize and reward employees

After 15 years helping companies achieve service excellence, we know that the vast majority of employees provide excellent service and leave a trail of brand advocates in their wake. But this positive customer feedback is rarely used or even seen by those employees. With eTouchPoint’s Coaching and Employee Exceptional modules, companies now have access to:

    • An automated tool to recognize top performers for exceptional service interactions
    • Customized employee coaching scorecards that highlight performance and reinforce objectives

Monitor the experience of customers across different channels of your business.

Many companies have different survey programs in place for different areas of their business, but few are able to aggregate this information at the company level to gain insight about what customers think about their brand.  eTouchPoint provides the flexibility to create surveys that are tailored to each business unit with the ability to aggregate results on key performance indicators such as Overall Satisfaction across business units.  Senior level managers can quickly spot trends in performance and identify areas that require greater focus.

Customer Insight

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Strategies to Keep a Human Focus in Customer Experience Jul 17, 2017 Never forget the power of a human touch. read more

Why Closed Loop Alerting is a Must for Every Brand Jul 17, 2017 The secret to preventing customer defections. read more





















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