eTouchPoint Releases Enhancements to Data Search and Filtering:  

Our latest release has a variety of new features including new report views, new features for closed loop alerting, and tools for find locating key customer experience data points in eTouchPoint.  This release adds the following enhancements to the product: Action Alerts Module for Closed Loop Alerting

    • Advanced filtering of customer alerts by employee name, customer information, alert type, and follow-up status.
    • Searching for customer alerts by customer response, demographic, billing, and other CRM data points
    • Tracking for closed loop alerting status and notes changes
    • Expanding the data that is exportable from eTouchPoint
    • New report views for tracking compliance and closed loop alerting activities

Customer verbatims Module

    • Filtering customer verbatims by employee, contact information, and overall sentiment.
    • Searching for customer verbatims by customer response or demographic, billing, and CRM data points

Dashboard and Drivers

    • Viewing customer response or demographic, billing, and CRM data points when looking at customer verbatims on the Dashboard.
    • View top / bottom performers by any level in the organizational hierarchy under Drivers Performers.


September 2015

Author: Manda Henderson