Action Alerts Empower Swift Response to Negative Customer Feedback:

As 2016 kicks off, eTouchPoint is launching new Action Alerts features in our closed-loop alerting (CLA) module.

Our 7.12 release makes powerful insights accessible to CX leaders and front-line employees across the organization. With our CLA reports and dashboard enhancements, CX stakeholders can:

  • Monitor employee compliance with CLA practices and processes
  • View up-to-date CLA metrics by employee, group, and organization
  • Engage employees in CLA activities and improve company CLA performance

We’ve also accelerated Actions Alerts functionality with the following feature advancements:

  • New metrics focused on “time to action” for alert follow-up
  • Expanded goal setting features for alert metrics
  • Advanced search functionality to allow searches by survey response or customer demographic data
  • Enhanced filtering in Action Alerts and Verbatims modules to identify alerts by employee name, type, status, sentiment, category, etc.

With eTouchPoint’s “Action Alerts” software, users receive real-time alerts every time a customer leaves a negative survey response. This real-time engagement enables our clients to take immediate action to address customer complaints, track CLA resolution activities by employee or team, and easily identify systemic issues causing customer dissatisfaction.


January 2016

Author: Manda Henderson