Fortune 50 Communications Provider Partners with eTouchPoint on National Rollout to Measure the Customer Experience:  

eTouchPoint and a Fortune 50 Communications provider recently launched a new nationwide customer experience program.  This program measures customer satisfaction and employee compliance with key customer experience areas after customer interactions.  eTouchPoint provides quantitative customer feedback on employee performance along with unstructured customer verbatims that can be used for coaching and insight.  The Fortune 50 client and eTouchPoint also partnered on the rollout of a best practice closed loop alerting process for following up with dissatisfied customers.  This process relies on eTouchPoint’s real-time customer alerts and Action Alerts module to notify field managers when customers are dissatisfied.  eTouchPoint is now used to disseminate customer feedback company-wide, assisting managers in the timely follow up with customers who experience issues and coaching employees to improve the customer experience.

Author: Manda Henderson