Five Types of CX Insight You Should Have at Your Fingertips


You may have access to many CX metrics—but which ones are the most critical to track every day? To build an effective CX dashboard, you need a mix of metrics that reflect customer perspectives and employee performance.

Visit our blog for expert tips on 5 mission-critical metrics you need at your fingertips.

Learn 5 Must-Have Metrics for Your CX Dashboard


7 Steps to Fix a Broken CX Metrics Program

Customer Think

CX practitioners agree that metrics are essential to tracking CX progress. However, a haphazard approach to measuring performance can pose a hazard to any CX program.

Our blog details a seven-step process from Forrester that you can apply to build a CX metrics program that works

Answer These 7 Questions for CX Metrics Success 

Customer Feedback Survey Response Rates 

Adrian Swinscoe 

When organizations ask their customers for feedback, they are lucky to get a two percent response rate. With such low numbers, these companies struggle to learn about or improve their CX practices.

How can you get your hands on more CX feedback? CX expert Adrian Swinscoe shares five proven practices.

Discover 5 Ways to Boost Your CX Survey Response Rates

4 Requirements for Linking CX to ROI

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Research shows that today’s customers want a connection with brands. They seek out meaningful and memorable experiences—not just the right products at the best prices. Successful companies understand this and aim to foster engagement with customers–which can help drive conversions and build lasting loyalty.

Read on for four strategies to link CX and ROI.

4 Requirements to Link CX to ROI

Author: Connie Harrington

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