4 Practical Tips to Win Support for Closed Loop Alerting


CX-savvy companies know that resolving the concerns of unhappy customers can improve customer satisfaction and boost business outcomes. Adopting closed loop alerting (CLA) practices can be a true game-changer for your organization.

Visit our blog to learn 4 ways to grow support for CLA.

4 Ways to Grow Support for CLA


4 Phases of Closed Loop Alerting Maturity


Poor service experiences often drive customers to shift their loyalties. That makes addressing negative feedback an imperative for every business. What closed-loop alerting strategies does your organization practice to identify and manage unhappy customers?

View our insightful infographic to see where your organization falls among the 4 phases of closed-loop alerting maturity.

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How Customer Complaints Can Help Your Business

My Customer

Upset customers are nothing to fear if your organization makes connecting with them a top priority. In fact, customer complaints offer huge opportunities for companies to gain relevant insights about how to convert dissatisfied customers to loyal ones.

Find out how customer complaints can help your business in a recent article on the MyCustomer blog.

Help Your Business Grow

Customer Complaints Are a Welcome Gift for Your Business

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Many companies view customer complaints as a dreadful blight on their brand. While it’s often hard to hear harsh criticisms, the truth is that complaints can be valuable catalysts for positive change in your business.

Visit CustomerThink to further explore why complaints are a gift for your organization.

Customer Complaints – A Welcome Gift







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