CX Process

Optimize Customer Experience at Every Touchpoint

Gain actionable feedback, resolve negative customer issues, and stay on top of sentiment trends

Smart companies know that the customer experience (CX) is the sum of every interaction. You need tools and processes to measure every encounter a customer has with your brand to gain perspective on the complete customer journey.

Success in CX requires a strong feedback gathering solution, alerting to resolve negative customer experiences, and reporting. Together, these resources can help you form strong bonds with each customer–while keeping a pulse on overall customer sentiment about your brand

Our CX process guide “Optimize the Customer Experience at Every Touchpoint” outlines the core components you need to build a world-class CX program, including:

  • Customer experience and employee feedback management

  • Flexible survey and data collection

  • Hierarchical reporting and closed-loop alerting

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Our white paper details successful closed-loop alerting strategies used by Fortune 500 customer experience innovators.