CX Case Study

Leading Natural Gas Utility Revises CX Program

CX Innovation in An Era of Unprecedented Change

Customer Experience (CX) hasn’t always been a top concern of power and utility companies. However, increasing competition and heightening customer expectations are causing industry players to pay close attention to CX.

One eTouchPoint client–a forward-thinking natural gas provider–embraced the importance of CX. The company adopted a more dynamic CX feedback gathering process that gave them real-time insights into customer perceptions.

Our case study Leading Natural Gas Utility Revitalizes CX Program explains how the company set its sights on becoming a CX leader in its industry. Learn how the company used eTouchPoint software to:

  • Shrink its CX feedback analysis process from months to days

  • Increase its survey response rates and ability to act on customer feedback

  • Gain deep insights into customer perceptions with industry-standard and open-ended questions

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