CX White Paper

Closed-Loop Alerting to Resolve Negative Employee-Customer Interactions

Negative customer feedback is an asset. Use it wisely.

Today, you may not get another chance with a customer after a bad interaction. Customers know they can research competitors with ease and do business with another company. And they are highly likely to share negative sentiment online–either via social media or online reviews.

Even customers that have a strong bond with your brand aren’t fiercely loyal. Recent research from Forrester found that almost 20% of loyal U.S. customers will walk away after a single bad experience–with nearly 60% defecting after several subpar experiences.

Our white paper “Closed-Loop Alerts to Resolve Negative Employee-Customer Interactions” explains why you need to take swift action on negative customer feedback. Learn best practices to:

  • Define the right process to follow up with unhappy customers

  • Follow-up on both closed-ended survey responses and voice of the customer feedback

  • Reduce churn and turn detractors into promoters

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Our white paper details successful closed-loop alerting strategies used by Fortune 500 customer experience innovators.