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Why Closed-Loop Alerting is a Must for Every Brand

How to rebuild trust with unhappy customers

Your customers can access information about your competitors at any time–day or night. That’s why a single subpar experience creates a huge risk of customer defection.

In fact, one consumer survey found nearly 70% of customers stopped doing business with a company after just one poor interaction. You need tools to identify dissatisfied customers–and to resolve their concerns quickly.

Our white paper “Why Closed-Loop Alerting is a Must for Every Brand” provides an overview of one of the most vital customer experience (CX) practices you can adopt. You will learn:

  • Essential facts about closed-loop alerting–and its value

  • Tips to spot unhappy customers and strengthen employee engagement in your CX processes

  • Emerging trends in closed-loop alerting that can help you stand out as a CX leader

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